Science Slam 2013

The Munich Science Slam 2013 was a public event hosted by the Max-Planck Institute in Munich, Germany and TV broadcasted by the Bayerischer Rundfunk. The 10 minute talks of the participants should serve to present their research topic in an amusing and simple way to the audience. I had decided to write and perform a play instead of giving a slide presentation as usually. My play illustrated me as the Austrian Kaiser  – king – who travels to the  “underdeveloped”  Germany  to enlighten them about the concept of String theory –  my apologies for the  choice of theme to all my German friends. The play was set up analogously to the Austrian TV show “Wir sind Kaiser”.

I want to thank my Ph.D. colleague for the help in setting up the stage, in particular Dr. Ann-Kathrin Straub, who played the assistant of the Kaiser.